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Feature Friday: Epikly Stickerie

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My name is Valentina and I made my very first stickers at 7 years old and “fattened-up” all my planners in high school. I am originally from Italy but found my hubby in Florida. We met as web designers in a classic corporate environment but we thought our talents could be more successful together, so we founded Epikly to help clients as our extra income. Now our business is growing and we’d like to work towards different streams that will really make us love what we do. And maybe, who knows, allow family visits more often :)One day I found myself between Michaels’ shelves and wondered what these interesting cutting machines could create, so I researched as much as I could. When I found out I could create stickers I didn’t need to think twice, when I was a kid I was obsessed with my sticker collection! I researched a bit deeper and found a beautiful community of planning stickers and understood that I’d like to create my own version of handcrafted stickers and hopefully others will love them as much as I do. The biggest compliment is hearing from happy customers. I simply want to do work that I enjoy and that inspires empathy, which I believe it is one powerful tool to impact the negative world nowadays. If you’re constantly battling with procrastination and if I could help pushing you to live the life you want through planning, then my job is well accomplished.From paper to digital and from print to cut, each sheet is made with love and each purchase means one step closer to independence. Other than bringing joy to our customers through happy mail, our goal is to find the passion to turn our small business into a profitable full time job that will allow to prepare towards building our little family.



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